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  We are nongovernmental organization established in Sri Lanka who help the needy people by counseling under the able guidance of Professor Gnanadasa Perera, Psychologist, Department of Pali and Buddhist, University of Sri Jayewardnepura.

Main objective of our foundation is to award one year psychology Course and eighteen months higher diploma course with practical to those who are interested in Psychology field.

After successfully completion of the above psychology course the become counselors, who could counseling the deserving cases. The counselors perform the following therapies.

1. Hipno Therapy
2. Family Therapy
3. Sex Therapy
4. Computer Software Therapy
5. Speech Therapy
6. Sound Therapy
7. Music Therapy
8. Art Therapy
9. Cognitive behavioral Therapy
10. Trauma Therapy
11. Aroma Therapy
12. Child Therapy
13. Group Therapy
14. Personality Therapy
15. Personality Development Programme
16. Skill Development Programme
17. Counseling who help the needy people

In addition to the above types therapy we are conduct counseling camps in Government Schools, Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Police, Department of Co-operative and as well as victim of the national disaster.


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